Work With Me

3 Month FAM Program

Regardless of your reason for wanting to learn Fertility Awareness, I want you to come away from this experience empowered and with confidence.


By committing to the process for 3 cycles you are giving yourself the opportunity to integrate what you learn and begin to recognize your

body's personal rhythm.

3-Month Package - $450 CAD

payment plans available

Don’t feel ready to make a commitment? 
That’s ok! I will meet you where you are at.

Introductory Session + Charting Materials (90 minutes) - $185 CAD


Follow Up Session (60 minutes) - $90 CAD

Follow Up Session (30 minutes) - $60 CAD

Group Introductory Session - cost dependent on size

Customized plans also available


In our time working together you will learn:

  • The anatomy & physiology of how your reproductive cycle works

  • How to identify fertile signs in YOUR body

  • How to chart your fertile signs in a clear and organized way

  • How to interpret your menstrual cycle charts to identify fertile/infertile days, and how to best use this information to avoid or achieve pregnancy

  • How to look at your chart as a mirror of your overall health

  • How to visualize the phases of your cycle as they compare to the 4 seasons, and how your energy & mood are affected

  • Kindness, patience, love, trust, & respect for your body and your menstrual cycle

Depending on your personal needs, I will also incorporate holistic support, including lifestyle, nutrition, movement, and/or meditation.


What is included:


  • 90 minute One-on-One Introductory Session ~ learn how to use the Justisse Method, tailored to your reproductive goals and health history

  • 4 Follow Up Sessions - 45 min each ~ for chart interpretation, to increase confidence, and to offer holistic health guidance where necessary

  • Charting materials ~ illustrated guide book & charts (choice of paper or electronic)

  • 3 months of FREE access to the Read Your Body App 

  • Unlimited email support

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Prenatal Support

Optimize your health during pregnancy so that you can fully connect with your baby, nourish your body, and prepare for a healthy birth & postpartum experience

What is included:


  • Intake Session ~ 75 min ~ Here we will discuss your health history, current diet and lifestyle, as well as your health and birth goals. 

  • 2 Follow Up Sessions - 30 min each

  • Personalized 7-day meal plan

  • 2 Meditation recordings

  • Unlimited email support

Prenatal Support Package - $275 CAD

Customized plans also available